TR-News Articles

(Committee Member Authors in Bold)

“Commercial Aviation Soars into Its Second Century: Aerial Views of a Rapidly Developing History—and Outlook”
John Fisher, Greg Casto, and George Hamlin, TR News, Nov-Dec 2014

The Transportation Research Board’s Annual Meeting on the Move: Reflecting on the History of an Extraordinary Event
Thomas Deen and Alan Pisarski, TR News, March-April 2014

“Celebrating the Interstate’s Anniversary”
Alan Pisarski, TR News, May-June 2006

“The Future That Never Was: Lessons from Visions of Transportation”
Christine Cosgrove and Phyllis Orrick with sidebars by Alan Pisarski and Eric Bruun, TR News, Nov-Dec 2004

“The AASHO Road Test: Living Legacy for Highway Pavements”
Kurt D. Smith, et al., TR News, May-June 2004

“Prescriptions for Research, Reviewing the History of TRB’s Critical Issues
in Transportation”
Alan E. Pisarski, TR News, May-June 2003

“Preserving America’s Aqueducts”
Abba G. Lichtenstein, Point of View, TR News, Nov-Dec 2002

“Transportation History at the Millennial Pinnacle”
Peter Koltnow, TRB Millennium Papers, 1999