State Transport History Pages



History of the Whittier Tunnel, Design, Construction, Operation challenges

History of the Alaska Marine Highway System

History of the Fairbanks International Airport

History of Avalanche Work on the Seaward Highway


The complete history of Arizona DOT


Arkansas Historic Bridge Program, Inventory, Maps, photos.


Significant events in California’s DOT history

Caltrans History Preservation Committee

Lincoln Highway Association (California Chapter)

Historical California Traffic Signs

Index to historical California Highways and Public Works Publication  1912-1967

Index to historical photos within California Highways and Public WorksPublication 1912-1967


CDOT History


Connecticut Department of Transportation 100th Anniversary July 1995

Connecticut DOT History


Florida Historic Photos


History of Idaho License Plates “Famous Potatoes”


Other Illinois Historic Roads


Indiana DOT- Highway and Historical Facts and Photos


Organizational History

Kids History

Rail Transportation History in Iowa

Teachers Resources for Transportation History

Teachers Handbook

Discovering historic Iowa transportation milestones

1851 Iowa Township Map (page 1)

1851 Iowa Township Map (page 2)

Iowa DOT History

Archive of Historic Transportation Photos

History of the Daniel Boone Trail

Historic Auto Trails – Iowa Department of Transportation

Glacier Trail St. Louis to Glacier Park Mt.

Explore Historical Societies

Historic Publications Iowa DOT

Iowa DOT Railroad Historical Map


Kansas Railroad History

Press Release 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Interstate by KDOT

Kansas Celebrates 50 Years of Interstates


Maine DOT History important dates in the DOT history


Maryland Transportation History- the influence of Geography on the development of Maryland’s early transportation networks 1631-1800.

Development of small structures – A Brief History, Small Bridges on Maryland’s highways

Travelling Maryland’s Roundabouts- History


About the MBTA- The Chronicle of the Boston Transit System

History of the License Plate in MA


Michigan DOT History and Culture

Michigan DOT 100 Years of Transportation Achievements


Minnesota State Library

Minnesota DOT

Key Milestones Minnesota DOT Transportation History


A Chronology of events at Mo DOT

A history of transportation funding in MO.

Missouri DOT historic maps

Missouri’s Interstate History


A History of Roundabouts by Montana DOT

Climate Change and Montana’s Transportation History

About the Montana DOT – History and Historical Photos links to photo collections on Flickr and Pinterest


History of Nebraska Department of Roads, including archive photos, information on early roads and bridges, and links to other sites with information about historical transportation in Nebraska

A story of Highway Development in Nebraska

A History of the Principal Executives of the Nebraska State Highway Department

Nebraska Historic Bridge Survey

Historical Highway Maps

50th Anniversary of the Interstate Highway System- (Interstate 80 in Nebraska) 2006

Omaha- Lincoln Segment of Interstate 80 (1961)

Road Laws of Nebraska

Crisis on the Highways (Series of Articles from the Omaha World Herald 1948)

Article from September/October 2004 Issue of Public Roads

Biography of Robert “Roy” Cochran– Former State Engineer and Nebraska Governor


Historical Maps

About the Nevada Department of Transportation

History of Rail in Nevada

New Jersey

Transportation Planning History, The Congestion Epidemic

New Jersey Historical Roadways Study

New York

Past and Present from the Erie Canal to today’s highways.  Significant dates in New York State Department of Transportation history.

50th Anniversary of the Interstate System in New York state.

New York’s Interstate System the Road to Mobility and Commerce: An Overview of the Interstate System and its impact on the Empire State

Interstate Overview Appendix

The History of Living Snow Fences- early landscape design to support transportation

North Carolina

North Carolina Department of Transportation has designated 54 scenic bywaysto give visitors and residents a chance to experience NC history, geography and culture.

A Look at Our Past A history of the Bicycle program in NCDOT

North Dakota

North Dakota Transportation Handbook – contains highlights of transportation history in North Dakota


Ohio Scenic Byways


100th Anniversary of Oklahoma DOT


Oregon DOT History Center

Casual and Factual Glimpses at the Beginning Development of Oregon’s Roads and Highways

History on the Move: A History of Oregon’s Transportation


Pennsylvania Highways History

Rhode Island

About Rhode Island DOT

South Dakota

Missouri River Bridges of South Dakota 1920 to 1980 An Oral History Project, Interview of Ken Scurr South Dakota Bridge Engineer


Transportation Milestones in Tennessee

History of Tennessee’s Interstate system


A History of Texas Department of Transportation maintained by the Texas State Historical Commission


Timeline for expansion of Interstate 15 through Utah


Transportation History in Vermont – maintained by the National Park service

Vermont DOT Historic Bridge Program

Vermont DOT History

History of License Plates in Vermont 1894 – 2000


Highlights of the history of Virginia DOT

History of Roads in Virginia


WSDOT Library Digital Collections

Washington State DOT History Publications

Development of Washington State Highways and Transportation 1905-1903

History of Roads and Highways in the State of Washington

40 Years with the Washington Department of Highways 1905-1945

History of Floating Bridges in the State of Washington

Historical Washington State Highway Maps

History of the Tacoma Narrows Suspension Bridges

History of the Washington State Ferry System

Washington State Transportation Commission 1951-1993.

West Virginia

West Virginia Turnpike History


Wisconsin DOT Library and Links to Digital Archives

History of a transportation feature The Merrimac Ferry

History of transportation funding in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Highways Historical Overview

A Brief History of the Wisconsin State Patrol

Interstate 50th Anniversary Wisconsin DOT


A Little Bit of Wyoming’s Transportation History- Presentation to Institute of Transportation Engineers Chapter University of Wyoming

University of Wyoming Transportation Collections which document the history of aviation, railroads, and road transportation in Wyoming

History and Organization of the Wyoming DOT, Chapter 2 Wyoming DOT Construction Manual


US DOT Office of Historian

FHWA Highway History

Highway History Bibliography

From Names to Numbers: The Origins of the U.S. Numbered Highway System

History of the FHWA


Northwestern: On Board with Design

Northwestern: Lovers of the Open Road

Selected articles related to transportation history published within the FHWA magazine Public Roads and other publications:

A Peaceful Campaign of Progress and Reform

Highway Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration

FHWA by Day A Look at the History of the FHWA

For the Common Good

Past Administrators

In Memory of Norbert T. Tiemann

In Memory of Ray A. Barnhart

Portrait of a General: General Roy Stone

General Roy Stone and the New York Times

Good Roads Work for the New Century General Roy Stone

General Roy Stone Photo Gallery

A Maximum of Good Results: Martin Dodge and the Good Roads Trains

From Dense Ignorance and Otherwise

Firing Thomas H McDonald- Twice

Thomas H McDonald on Toll Roads

Ted Holmes on Thomas McDonald and Herbert Fairbank

Digitized speeches of Thomas H. McDonald, Herbert Fairbank, and Frank Turner

No. 1- The First Issue of Public Roads, May 1918

Thomas H. McDonald Travels to Direct Federal Projects

The Trailblazers

NHI Celebrates 40 Years of Service

FHWA Training Programs: Through the Years

A Legacy in Art in a New Exhibition

FHWA Historic Preservation Program Overview

Miscellaneous Links

The Interstate is 50 links to various state 50th anniversary celebration web sites maintained by AASHTO