New Paper: Historic Vehicles

Historic vehicles: an overview from a transport policy perspective,” by Araghi, Yashar, Bert Van Wee, and Maarten Kroesen, in Transport Reviews (vol. 37, no 5,, 2017), pp. 571 – 589

Abstract: “Historic vehicles (HVs) are the heritage of road transport that have surprisingly received little attention in the academic literature. This study presents an overview of the literature on HVs, focusing on the three topics that dominate the policy debate on transport: environmental, safety and congestion impacts. We observed that polluting emissions of HVs are per kilometre much higher (often a factor 5 or more) than those of moderns vehicles. The annual average mileage per vehicle per year of HVs is much lower than other vehicles. The lower active and passive safety levels of HVs are compensated by the way these vehicles are driven, resulting in the risk factors per kilometre being roughly equal or lower than other vehicles. The contribution of HVs to congestion is negligible. However, the transport policy discourse is divided on the topic of HVs. More comprehensive and effective laws and regulation are needed to protect this aspect of the heritage of road transport whilst concurrently avoiding or limiting the problems caused by them.”

From the introduction to the paper: “[T]he aim of this paper is to reduce the gap in academic literature on HVs by focusing on three important research questions: (1) What information on HV ownership and use is available from reliable sources?, (2) what is the relative and absolute impact of HVs to environmental, safety and congestion problems (three areas that heavily dominate the policy debate on transport)? and (3) What are the contributions of HVs to the economy and society?”

~Thanks to Asha W. Agrawal for this post

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