New Book: Sir Peter Hall, Pioneer of Planning


Check out “Sir Peter Hall: Pioneer in Regional Planning, Transport and Urban Geography,” edited by Richard D. Knowles and Celine Rozenblat (Springer, 2016)

A review by Ben Derudder (Regional Studies, Vol. 51, no. 3, 2017) explains the key ways that this book touches on transportation history. Derudder points out that “some recurring themes (e.g., the role of transport and technology) are discussed from complementary perspectives” in different chapters. And one chapter focused specifically on transportation: “Chia-Lin Chen explicitly explores Hall’s fascination for the role of transport in the making and breaking of cities. It is of course a truism that the urban/transport nexus is symbiotic and changing: the transport system influences the development of cities; that development in turn constrains the evolution of the transport system; and this two-way relationship changes over time given changing economic, technological and policy contexts. But one of the remarkable intellectual achievements of Hall was that he continuously kept abreast of how this symbiosis played out as it changed over time. Chen explores this by identifying four major stages in Hall’s writings on this nexus, i.e., his early contributions in the 1960s/70s, the great rail revival of the late 1970s/80s, a period in the 1990s in which his thinking on the matter was fashioned by his interest in technological innovation, and finally the 2000s where his attention shifted to polycentric development in metropolitan regions.”

~Thanks to Asha W Agrawal for this post

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