New Book: Infrastructure Finance in Europe

Were you wondering how the Roman Empire financed roads? If so, you’ll get some answers in a new edited book that looks at European infrastructure finance from the middle ages up through the 20th century. The book is “Infrastructure Finance in Europe: Insights into the History of Water, Transport, and Telecommunications,” edited by Youssef Cassis, Giuseppe De Luca, and Massimo Florio (Oxford University Press, 2016).

From the publisher’s website: “This volume provides a broad overview of the main financing solutions implemented in Europe to support infrastructures from the fall of the Roman Empire up to the end of the 20th century. … It explores the diverse historical paths pursued in order to solve the problem of infrastructure finance in various European countries, and draws upon the findings of an international and interdisciplinary research project. It brings together case studies by economic historians, economists, and engineers, and the clear taxonomy guides the reader through the financing solutions that have been developed to fund infrastructure over almost three thousand years. The volume is organized into four parts; after an introductory chapter by the editors, Part One offers ‘horizontal’ contributions that cover the history of European infrastructure finance. Parts Two, Three, and Four each focus on a single sector, namely water, transport, and telecommunications. The findings show how history can inform thinking on contemporary infrastructure problems.”

~Thanks to Asha W Agrawal for this post

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