Self-Driving Car & the Future of Self

A new article in New York Magazine: "What Happens to American Myth When You Take the Driver Out of It? The self-driving car and the future of the self." Author Robert Moor looks at the social history of driving to speculate about how self-driving cars might change the social role of cars and mobility in …

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Happy 50th birthday USDOT

Today is the 50th anniversary of the USDOT. On october 15th 1965, President Johnson signed into law the bill that created the USDOT. The Eno Center for transportation has written a comprehensive history of the creation of the USDOT. Thanks to Jeff Davis for the post.    

Montreal’s rubber tire subway turns 50 – Bonne fête

It was 50 years ago today, that Montreal's subway opened, October 14th 1966. The Gazette published a series of multimedia articles on the history of the subway.   Pierre Barrieau

Railway Effects on Population Change

Thomas Thevenin, et al, "Measuring one century of railway accessibility and population change in France. A historical GIS approach," Journal of Transport Geography, Volume 56, October 2016, pp. 62–76. From the introduction to the article: "This article presents an innovative study of the relationship between railway accessibility and population change in France from 1860 to …

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Website of the Month: Airline Timetable Images

This month's website is the most complete series of timetables of airlines available online, Airline Timetable Images. The collection is sorted by airline.  While only a portion of their immence collection has been scanned and made available, there are still over 2000.  And additions are made weekly. A great resource, and a great way to …

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