Reusing Train Schedule Boards

Speaking of train timetables, Philadelphia 30th Street Station is the latest Amtrak station to announce the retirement of its mechanical Solari train time board, and this interesting article in Atlas Obscura discusses how these retired boards are being reused by artists and museums. ~Thanks to David Ballard for this post

Book of the Month: The Ice Diaries

The Ice Diaries by Captain William R. Anderson with Don Keith ( is a first-hand account of one of the first missions of the USS Nautilus, the world's first fully operational nuclear submarine. One of their first missions would be a world first: crossing from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean under the North Pole. …

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Discussion: Highway Plans & Induced Traffic

Check out Brian Ladd's discussion "You Can't Build Your Way Out of Congestion.” – Or Can You? A Century of Highway Plans and Induced Traffic," in The Planning Review, Volume 48, no. 3 (2012), pp. 16 - 23. Abstract: The phenomenon of induced traffic was recognized (if rarely measured) even before the automotive age. Its existence calls …

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Museum of the Month: New York Transit Museum

While no one would ever need an excuse to visit the New York Transit Museum, September 25th is a great day to visit.  Firstly, admission will only be 1$ at the Brooklyn location (Grand Central Station has a small exhibition area as well a store, the Downtown Brooklyn location is the main facility including their …

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Bridge Conference (UK): Call for Papers

International Conference Announcement and Call for Papers BRIDGE: The Heritage of Connecting Places and Cultures 6 – 10 July 2017 Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site, Shropshire, UK Deadline: 1st November 2016 From a log crossing a stream to a road linking continents, the bridge is an embedded structure in our daily lives. Though its …

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Website of the Month: The Museum of Railway Timetables

This month's Website is The Museum of Railway Timetables which hosts every timetable AMTRAK has ever published from the first one effective May 1st 1971 until today. It stands as a useful resource for train historians as well as people interested in comparing America's passenger trains service and evolution over the decades.   …

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