Ghosts on our Highways?

Creepy highway by tiberiua15
Creepy highway by tiberiua15

An article in the Atlantic: “A Century of Highway Zombies. Since the 1920s, “highway hypnosis” has lulled drivers to disaster. An Object Lesson”

From an New York Herald report in 1921:

“a self-induced yet uninvited malady,” which takes hold on “a long stretch of road” paradoxically among the most skilled chauffeurs, for whom driving had become “routine or second-nature.” The problem, he claimed, was the increasing tension between automated machines and autonomous people. The result was nothing short of a “modern Frankenstein monster”—mechanically it was “a thing of beauty, efficiency and comfort,” yet spiritually it failed to “synchronize the human soul with steel and iron and rubber.”

~Thanks to Asha W. Agrawal for this post

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