Inventor of bus shelter dies

Today, May 27th 2016, Jean-Claude Deceaux died.  He started his company in 1955 at the age of 18 renting advertising space for advertising beside new highways being built in France.

In 1964, he invented the bus shelter.  His concept was innovative.  It provided shelter and seating for passengers at no cost to transit operators, since the shelters were paid and maintained by their advertising.  His company would later launch Velip the bike share system in Paris.

His multi-billion dollar empire JCDeceaux is still world leader in bus shelter and outdoor advertising.

Related news item (in french as nothing posted yet in english)

Pierre Barrieau


One thought on “Inventor of bus shelter dies

  1. Medevielle

    JCDecaux is the inventor of the new génération of bus shelter based on two issues
    One is physical it is a Venturi effect that is cleaning the soil of the shelter and linked to the fact that the glass walls are suspended and leaving the air passing under the walls
    The second is a new business model based on advertising (as to day many websites) and a non money use of public asset the skywalk with no tax payer direct money
    The innovation of cycle renting the so-called Velib has been experimented in Lyon before Paris and is based on the business model of service concession (a very old French PPPsystem dating from the sixteen century) and an updated system of payment based on pin cards
    It has been the same for automated toilets
    Another very interesting innovation no more in use have been brushing and cleaning motorped for skywalk
    Jean-Pierre Medevielle

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