Museum of the month: The Canadian Railway Museum

The museum of the month for May 2016 is: The Canadian Railway Museum.

Situated in the Greater Montréal, Québec region, the museum is accessible via commuter train, commuter buses and has easy access via the highway network.

Their collection is geared primarily towards the history of trains in Canada as well as urban transit in the greater Montreal area.

The museum, in addition to its permanent collection, also hosts high-quality temporary exhibits.  The current exposition is Meals on Wheels

Railfans will find this exhibit to be like a culinary trip and gourmets will have a unique opportunity to discover the evolution of food aboard trains. This exhibition provides a look at the exceptional contribution made by railway catering to modern culinary art through vintage crockery, silverware, menus, archival documents and billboards.

Visitors may also ride a passenger train, miniature train and streetcar on site.

The museum also hosts an extensive archives collection that is available for consultation.


Pierre Barrieau


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