Haussmann’s Legacy


An article in the Guardian revisits Baron Georges-Eugène  Haussmann’s legacy rebuilding 19th-century Paris: “Haussmann rips up Paris – and divides France to this day.”

Were Haussmann’s new boulevards “imperialist tools to neuter fermenting civil unrest in working-class areas?” Or did the boulevards provide “trees and broad pavements along which café terraces sprang up, soon to be filled with artists and artisans enjoying ‘absinthe hour’?”

~Thanks to Asha W. Agrawal for this post

One thought on “Haussmann’s Legacy


    Amazing! Just got back to my apartment in The 16th arrondissment after being totally lost in Mr . Haussmann’s beautiful Blvds to find this. He should have given a clue which street was the grid and which was a diagonal! Trying to use dead reckoning to get home I ended up at one of the Portes leaving the city. Despite the walking and the rain, and the cafe’s filled with smokers, lots of trash and dog stuff in the streets it’s still a great city. Although I do recall a favorite quote from Anatole France who said: all of French literature is not worth one American bathroom. A.Pisarski


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