Presentation Call: Cars In/Of Culture

A conference on the culture of cars and mobility is looking for presentations from a wide variety of disciplinary perspectives, including history.


Cars In/Of Culture: Mobility, Materiality, Representation


1st Global Conference

Tuesday 13th September – Thursday 15th September 2016

Mansfield College, Oxford, United Kingdom

The website for the conference begins: ”'[A]part from our own deaths, the car crash is probably the most dramatic event in our lives, and in many cases the two will coincide,’ remarked J. G. Ballard in 1969, somehow raining on the turn-of-the-decade’s consumerist parade and exposing the uncanny potential of an all-too-familiar object: the motor car. No longer seen exclusively as a status symbol, a suburban commuter’s necessity or an aesthetically intricate object of teenage desires, the automobile suddenly revealed its dark side, not only that of a life-style giver but also of a life-span taker. . . . .” Check out the conference website for more details.

~Thanks to Asha W. Agrawal for this post

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