Exhibition: Iconic Autos in Pittsburgh


The Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh has an interesting transportation themed exhibition open through January 18th “Teenie Harris Photographs: Cars

The installation selected 25 Harris photographs of iconic cars—Cadillacs, Dusenbergs, Hudsons, and Buicks—  in Pittsburgh’s segregated African American communities from the Carnegie Museum of Art’s Teenie Harris Archive, which contains well over 2,000 images.

From the museum website:

“Harris photographed the micro economy of the Hill District’s repair shops, service stations, and dealerships, as well as black celebrities interacting with cars, such as Willie Mays representing Buick, or Nat King Cole riding in a black-owned Owl Cab when other Pittsburgh taxi services refused black riders. Harris captured them on showroom floors, in driveways, on the street, and at parties, always as part of daily life. Kenneth L. Hawthorne (b. 1934), who once serviced cars for Teenie and his brother Woogie Harris, and later went on to become a vice president of Gulf Oil in Pittsburgh, curated the selection.”

~Thanks to Martin Wachs for this post

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