Politics Across the Hudson:  An Extraordinary Accomplishment and an Abject Failure

Rutgers University Press has just released a new book “Politics Across the Hudson: The Tappan Zee Megaproject.”  Philip Mark Plotch, political science professor at Saint Peter’s University, offers a behind-the-scenes perspective on the contentious planning and politics behind New York’s first major new crossing in more than 50 years.

For more than three decades, New York officials studied various options to improve travel along the Tappan Zee Bridge corridor.  The aging bridge became the poster child for interagency conflict and the inability of bureaucracies to get projects done. New York is now building one of the world’s longest and widest bridges in the world, but it also abandoned viable options, squandered hundreds of millions of dollars, forfeited more than three billion dollars in federal funds, and missed out on important opportunities.

Drawing on interviews with more than a hundred key figures (including three governors), extraordinary access to internal government records, and his own extensive experience planning megaprojects, Plotch explains how Governor Cuomo (with help from President Obama) was able to finalize plans and begin construction.

For more information go to www.PoliticsAcrossTheHudson.com

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