Classic posts series

Hi faithful followers,

As you may have noticed, we have started a weekly posting called “classic post”.  The first Friday of every month we will present a website, the second Friday a museum, the third Friday a book, the fourth Friday (if there are 5) a classic paper (if only 4 Fridays, it gets published the tuesday of the fourth week) and the last Friday is a classic video.


In order to qualify as a classic, the book, paper, website or video must present content that is at least 10 years old and must be of value for researchers and the general public now and for the forceable future.


While we do have some content ready, it would be gratefully appreciated if you could participate in sharing our collective wealth of knowledge.  Please submit either specific ideas, or even better a write-up of a couple of lines.  If you do, you will be thanked in the post.  Do not worry if your post does not appear right away as they will be prepared and scheduled for automated posting when their turn is up.  By having more content ready for publishing, it will permit us to spend our time working on upgrades of the blog as well as preparing other content.

Pierre Barrieau



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