Classic video of the month (January 2015) – – – Follow-up by Alan Pisarski

The Morgantown PRT archives are or will become soon available at the FTA library.

Thanks to Alan Pisarski for his hard work going thru the personal archives of M.Barsony and ensuring that this valuable documentation be preserved for future generations of researchers.

Pierre Barrieau

The UMTA now FTA head of the Morgantown project was a Steven Barsony whom I  worked with at US DOT.   We carpooled together for several years because we lived just a few houses apart.  Steve was the real leader over the years in making Morgantown a success.  At his death last year the family asked me to review his files and those parts that I thought had historical value were assembled and presented to the FTA library containing photos and other materials from his working years. They should be available now for those interested in more background at the library. It would be interesting to know why it failed to garner any future interest.   I will send this film to his daughter.  Regards, Alan Pisarski

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