A Message from T2M


As the new President of the International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility I would like to invite you to become Members of our association, known as T2M. We recently held our 12th Annual Conference at Drexel University in Philadelphia, with over 130 participants from more than twenty countries. We had fascinating panels on topics such as Mobility and Urban Spatial Structure, Global Imaginaries of High Speed Rail, State Regulation and Transport Industries, Global Ecology and Infrastructure, and Frontiers of Mobility Studies, amongst many others. We seek to connect Transport History with other disciplinary approaches to mobility, including in the social sciences, arts and humanities, urban planning and design.

We invite you to submit papers for our next conference, which will be held from 14-17 September 2015 in Santa Maria, Caserta, Italy, on the theme of “The Future of Mobilities: Flows, Transport and Communication” in collaboration with the Cosmobilities Network (cosmobilities.net). You can find our full Call for Papers here, with a 1st March deadline for submissions.

We welcome both individual and institutional memberships, which will bring you not only reduced conference registration fees, but also access to our annual journal Mobility in History, a subscription to the Journal of Transport History, and access to conference papers and more. Please feel free to contact us at secretary@t2m.org.

~ Mimi Sheller
President, T2M
Director, Center for Mobilities Research and Policy, Drexel University

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