AASHTO Celebrates 100th Anniversary With Online Art Display

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation officials (AASHTO) organization celebrated its 100th anniversary during December 2014.  AASHTO represents highway and transportation departments within the United States.  It represents five transportation modes: air, highways, public transportation, rail and water.  Its goal is to continually improve the development, operation, and maintenance of our national transportation system.  The organization works to educate the public about the role that transportation plays in their lives, in securing a good quality of life, and a sound economy for our nation.

AASHTO Shadowbox

AASHTO has chosen to commemorate their centennial with the development of an art work that highlights the contributions made during their first 100 years in operation.  The piece will be displayed in their offices in Washington DC, with an online depiction available here.

Featuring pictures, tools and memories from 100 years of playing an active role in the improvement of our nations’ transportation network, the AASHTO Centennial Shadowbox provides a great exhibit of the contributions made by AASHTO and the men and women who work for our nations’ transportation departments.

~ Thanks to Craig Copelan for suggesting this post

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